MY MISSION is not  to only connect artist and buyer, but to build strong, lasting relationships. The best way to start, is with an introduction.

LET'S GET IT ALL OUT NOW! I am a Michigan based Disney freak, coffee addict, vegetarian, cat lover with a degree in photography that suffers from extreme wanderlust! I am annoyingly chatty, covered in tattoos,  love meeting new people and am obsessed with my rescued Pomeranian pup. My husband is my biggest supporter, fellow nerd, adventure companion, best friend and not just because he laughs at my lame jokes.

I FELL IN LOVE with stationery at a young age when my mom would take me and my sister to the Sanrio store. It all began with Spotty Dotty and Hello Kitty notepads. In high school I would sit on the floor at drug stores and read through the greeting card racks. . As an adult, I found that private boutiques have a much better selection! I still buy Hello Kitty paper goods when I come across it, but my love lies with smaller run letter press cards.  I managed a high end stationery store in Winter Park, Florida for several years where I gained knowledge and experience from meeting with reps, ordering inventory, merchandising and trade shows.


I MOVED HOME to Michigan where I continued to work for privately owned gift boutiques that specialized in stationery and home goods. I also spent time as an assistant to a well-known local photographer and a print-maker, respectfully, giving me insight to the operations of successful home businesses.


I LAUNCHED my own line of handmade wall art in 2014 and began doing indie craft shows in Michigan and Ohio. From a seller's perspective; I was able to see what it was like on the other side of the table and just how much work goes into marketing your own product.

I ALWAYS KNEW I wanted to work in an artistic field, and with my experience, love of stationery and appreciation for local atists,  being a rep to artists felt like the perfect opportunity.