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Big Wheel Press was founded in a basement in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2008. My first introduction to the world of hand printing was in 1964 when my mom and dad bought me a table top printing press. People often ask where we got the name for the press. Big Wheels of course! I have always loved the plastic tricycles with their big front wheels and the power they transmit to their little drivers. When our first press arrived at the studio we had to disassemble it and take it in through a narrow doorway piece by piece. The last piece we brought in was the big iron flywheel. All at once we all started chatting about our memories of those big wheel bikes…either as riders or pit crew. Big Wheel Press was born.

All the inspiration from our cards comes from the heart and personal experiences. Every card has a story behind it. I believe that the more heart felt the story, the better the card. We have cards featuring onesies that are inspired by the newest member of the team, my two-year-old son Gabe. The design for my Louie Award winning “Screw Cancer” card was adapted from a broadside I printed for my sister to hang on her hospital room wall when she was battling breast cancer. If you were to visit Big Wheel Press, and all are welcome, at first glance it looks like a printing museum.