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ghost academy


min opening order $150

min reorder $100

orders ship within 2 weeks


Ghost Academy is a Southern California print shop specializing in block printed cards.  We’re a husband and wife team who likes things that are funny or cute or quirky, and we especially enjoy things that are all three at once. We try to combine those qualities in our wares and just generally create stuff that makes us smile.


All of our cards begin life as original illustrations that are hand carved into rigid blocks of linoleum. The carvings are then hand inked and relief printed one by one with just a few simple tools. No printing press is used. With block printing, the ink sits on top of the paper rather than soaking in, which is why our cards have saturated colors and so much texture.


Ghost Academy cards are printed on paper that is manufactured in the US at mills that practice sustainable forestry and renewable energy. Our envelopes are 100% recycled, with a minimum of 30% PCW content.