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autumn leaves

The temperature dropped this week so we seized the opportunity to visit a local cider mill. My husband is from the south, so doesn't always share my enthusiasm which is part childhood nostalgia, for fresh made cider and spicy donuts, but he will always tag along. We brought the pup with us and he quickly made friends while looking for fallen donut crumbs.

When we got home I started thinking about the lack of fall cards, which probably has something to do changing of the seasons and cider mills being a northern thing! I lived in Florida for several years and no one had any idea what cider even was! I searched on Etsy and came across these, which I absolutely adore! The company is called Hennel Paper Co and they are based out of North Carolina. I have actually visited a cider mill outside of Asheville, but it wasn't the same as the ones we have here. I will admit that autumn is beautiful down there and I could see the inspiration for these greeting cards!

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