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farewell starman

British Prime Minister David Cameron said it best today, "Genius is an overused word but I think musically, creatively, artistically, David Bowie was a genius," he said. "He was a master of reinvention, and one of the things that's so incredible is almost all his reinventions were incredible successes and worked brilliantly. And so we mourn the loss of a great talent."

Literally days ago, Bowie celebrated his 69th birthday and the interent provied us a fun webiste,, to compare your current age againist the accomplishments of the chameloen of pop at that age. Ben and I each had a go, then couldn't resist typing random ages and ultimately decided that by compariosn, we have already failed at life.

He not only influenced artists, fashion designers and musicains, but freaks like me that dressed werid with crazy colored hair and didn't fit in with most social groups. He made it ok to be different. He made it cool.

I went to my corner coffee house this morning and was happy to hear an all Bowie playlist as I sat and worked. An artist friend joined me, and I asked her to doodle a picture of the king of glam rock for this post. She immediately obliged uponing hearing of his recent passing. With over 5 decades in the spotlight, his loss is mourned by many generations.

At this moment a custom made Daivid Bowie night light illuminates our bathroom. I think there is a litte Bowie that shines in all of us.

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