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January 14, 2016

It's no secret, I love my dog. He is a two year old Pomeranian rescue. His name is Asher. He came into our lives just after my 20 year old kitty passed away. I was going through some pretty rough stuff at the time and I had no idea how much he would rescue me.

He gets me out of the house on cold days, he likes to go on adventures, and more than anything, he loves car rides! He enjoys them so much that sometimes we just drive around our neighborhood with the windows down and music up! He likes to snuggle and be carried,  he insists on kissing new dogs on their nose, he is curious and smart. Last year I taught him how to do a double high five!  He has a strong personality.

A perk of having talented, artistic friends is commissioning them to do pictures of my little fur ball! Most the art on the walls in our house is local or vintage, and these have been a nice touch! The one on the left if by Kill Taupe, which I have tattooed on my leg! The middle photo is by my sister, it was a first anniversary present to Ben, a huge Star Wars fan. The third, is by Paintings by Jason Gibner, was a Christmas gift to Ben this year.


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